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Jigsaw Java Applet for Windows

Software to create jigsaw puzzles in Java

The Jigsaw Java Applet software program is designed to provide fun and enjoyment to computer users. This application helps you create jigsaw puzzles for your site to help people pass time away.

The Jigsaw Java Applet lets you turn any picture that you have on your computer into a jigsaw puzzle, and all you have to do is reassemble the picture.

You can even turn your personal pictures on your desktop into puzzles. The Jigsaw Java Applet is written in Java. This allows the game platform to be independent of any other application.

It can run by itself without any other platform support. All you will need is a computer that has Internet access and at the same time, must support Java.

The Jigsaw Java Applet can be placed on your website or web pages. When your website visitors and friends access them, they will provide some fun and entertainment to help them relieve some pressure and stress.

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Jigsaw Java Applet


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